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All You Need to Know About Lazy Loading
All You Need to Know About Lazy Loading

There have been a lot of different techniques out there to ensure that your content is relevant and pops up immediately and works efficiently without lagging. A lot of these techniques have failed because of the abundance of information that website owners want to give to their potential readers or clients. Most of the content when it’s given in bulk never gets read as the consumers only need a fraction of that information. Seems debilitating even thinking about it, right?

Lazy Loading has solved this problem for website owners.

Let’s look at exactly how Lazy Loading works to accomplish this.


What Is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading is a technique used to optimize what is seen by your client. It might be a little confusing to some because Lazy Loading causes potential clients to see less of your products, services, or content.
Doesn’t This Defeat the Purpose?
No, Lazy Loading prevents potential clients from just using the first product or service that pops up, which means that the potential client will use only the product they first see and potentially live their whole lives without knowing what other amazing products or services you have to offer. The rest of the bulk data that was left unseen will be rendered a waste.

How Does Lazy Loading Do This?

Lazy Loading will only load the required section that the potential client typed into their SEO. The remaining information gets delayed until it’s searched for by the potential customer. Infinity scroll is also a technique that Lazy Loading uses. This is when the content of the webpage is loaded as the potential client or customer scrolls down.

Why Is Lazy Loading So Important?

Lazy Loading will keep you and your potential client satisfied. This is because Lazy Loading has some great advantages, let’s look at some below:
● It reduces time consumption and memory usage, which results in optimizing your content delivery.
● By saving storage, the user experience will seem more flawless, since it’s quick and easy delivery.
● You’ll avoid having to write extra code for execution.
● It’s the most cost-effective approach for website owners.

How Can We Apply Lazy Loading?

You’ll need to use Angular 4 as it allows you to load Javascript and it improves the speed. Angular loads components in app.module.ts files. This file type will load imported components as well as injected providers. You can also customize languages on Angular so that you don’t have to learn the coding rules. There are up to eight steps that you should take to create an efficient Lazy Loading. If you feel up to the task, please view the steps and make sure you follow each step accurately as it could create some problems later on if you don’t. With creating executable functions, there will sometimes be a little bit of troubleshooting needed if it doesn’t work. One grammatical error can be the demise of the whole programming process. So, make sure you have complete focus before you start coding to avoid any setbacks.


Lazy Loading is a great way to improve content efficiency and to make sure your memory, time, and money won’t be wasted in sourcing bulk information to clients who are only looking for specific information. All you need to do is sit down and try out Angular by following the steps and then you're done. It might just be the easy and quick solution you’ve been waiting for. Why not give it a go?

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