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Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing becomes the target KPI, and data-based optimisations are made in all digital advertising media to maximise these KPIs. The most important factor in performance-based internet advertising that creates sales and/or interaction is that it works result-oriented and has high success rates.



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What is Performance Marketing?

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing allows you to interact with the user by providing online sales or a service. 

It fulfills the purpose of Performance Marketing when the target customer group engages with the advertising content and convinces the potential customers through either reading or watching an advertisement to complete the purchase of the product or service. 

Performance Marketing is an important marketing approach that provides support to firms to hold on to the market without taking risks with reasonable costs as well as its’ advantages such as introducing the brand with the right message strategy and using time efficiently.

Performance Marketing, which includes the digital marketing concept preferred by success-oriented companies, is examined under sub-titles such as search network ads, video ads, social media ads, programmatic advertising and platform ads from the owner.

Search Network Advertisements

Search Network Advertisements

Search networks, which are used as the easiest and fastest way to access information, are one of the most preferred methods on the digital platform for performance marketing. The question of what is SEM, which is answered as a marketing method where the right message is delivered directly to the target audience, also summarises the purpose of this method. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a marketing method that makes your brand visible in search networks and increases your brand awareness. Through marketing strategies developed according to users' usage habits in search networks, it is possible to increase the interest for the brand as well as to reach new users in this way.

Display Ads

Display Ads

Instead of long, boring texts in marketing tools, the success of interesting images cannot be denied in attracting the attention of the target audience! Within the scope of performance marketing, the miraculous effect of the image is benefited to make the brand more known and to sell the products and services. Display ads, where creativity is an important factor, are used extensively in digital marketing. Internet users who are browsing through the web pages notice the brand more easily through display ads, and an important step is taken to perform the purchase behaviour.

Social Media Advertisements

Social Media Advertisements

Social media networks, which are one of the digital environments where many internet users spend most of their time wherever in the world, are also an important channel for 

performance marketing. The fact that consumers of all age groups spend a significant part of their time on social media networks provides an effective measurement environment for performance marketing. Messages designed for the promotion and marketing of products or services in social media networks can more easily reach target audience due to increased awareness of users' preferences and characteristics.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads

  • We allow you to reach your users with behavioural segmentations in a targeted and secure manner.
  • At the end point of the programmatic, digital advertising technologies, it is the advertising technology that allows its users to analyse their behaviour and show them the designated ads by classifying them accordingly. Programmatic purchasing allows
Platform Ads by Owner

Platform Ads by Owner

Along with the advantages that the digital environment offers to reach the target audience, there are some challenges in this area as well. Especially in this environment where there is a wide range of content and large amounts of information, advertisers also have problems in reaching the right target audience. At this point, platform ads with a performance marketing approach are considered among the solution proposals. In order to reach the target audience and promote the product and service and to create awareness of the brand, platform advertisements are instrumental in achieving successful results in order to overcome the obstacles in the field of digital advertising.



We spend time getting to know your company, customers and competitors and then work together to develop a strategy that is right for you.

Determination of Target Audience: Your brand is analysed in detail, to understand its position in the digital sector and determine the best way to reach your target audience.

Competitor Analysis: By analysing your competitors' effectiveness and potential in the digital world, we determine your target competitive position and how to realise the full potential for your products and services.


Account Setup

We complete a detailed campaign setup for the digital channels that will ensure you reach your basic goals. We use your budget efficiently using advanced techniques and experience that prevent irrelevant traffic and/or impressions, leading to highest possible MROI (Marketing Return On Investment).

Media Selection: We determine the channels in which your target audience is located and we set up the budget distribution accordingly.

Campaign Setups: We make sure that your budget is properly managed by creating campaign setups unique to each channel and site structure.



By making continuous optimisations, we will improve the performance of your campaigns and reach step by step helping you reach your main strategic goals.

We establish strategies to improve the quality of incoming traffic, such as location, time and device targeting, the use of remarketing lists, optimisation of search terms and tests of ad variations.




We prepare reports that provide meaningful information about your digital ad campaigns. You can see what's going on in your campaigns and where you're at according to your KPI targets.

Together with you we review the performance of your current campaigns using the reports  regularly prepared by our brand manager. Through observing the opportunities for growth and improvement, we are able to make decisions based on data leading to improved campaign performance.

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