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Types of Social Media Advertisements
Types of Social Media Advertisements

Types of Social Media Advertisements

Today social media ads offer one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Many different sectors, ranging from corporate firms to boutique companies, prefer social media ads to reach their target customer base.

Millions of people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have different interests. When these interests are combined with other factors such as age, gender and location, it becomes possible to reach the target audience through social media ads. With social media advertising options, it is possible to use your advertising budget in the most efficient way and get the interaction you are looking for. You can sound the consumer out with the messages you will publish and get responses to your messages in seconds. Social media, which is much more economical and effective than traditional media as it allows you to directly reach your target audience. By expanding many of the features such as country, region, gender, age, educational status and interest, your target audience is defined and thus social media ads reach their goal.


Facebook Advertisements


Facebook is the social media platform with the highest number of members worldwide. In this platform where people of different social status take part, you can make use of Facebook advertising options that will highlight your website. Social media ads that will manage your budget in the best way provide you special options with multi-channel marketing methods to publish the right ad in the right time, to the right person. Facebook social media ads created with text, images and videos that will affect your target audience will be charged per impression/click. Therefore, it is a bit less costly than other e-advertising systems.


Instagram Advertisements


Instagram, which has almost 500 million members, is now an indispensable channel for corporate companies as well! When it comes to social media ads, the Instagram ad that comes to mind in the second place after Facebook also enables you to reach your target audience with visual shares such as photos or videos. You can share your professional visual shares on Instagram using targeting criteria such as Facebook ads. Instagram social media ads, which interact in all social media channels with comprehensive targeting strategies, are published without wasting your budget. Instagram, which has become the visual media of digital marketing, allows you to get instant feedback

Twitter Advertisements


For those who want to be in direct communication with the target audience, Twitter ads are among the most effective social media ads. You can establish instant interactions by informing your potential and existing customers via hashtags. You can draw attention to your ads with hashtags, creative texts and visuals on Twitter, which has become the new concept of “communication” on social media. You can communicate with millions of people using Twitter which is as effective as the Facebook and Instagram ad options.

LinkedIn Advertisements


LinkedIn, the business and communication network of professionals, is a social platform that is used frequently throughout the world. More than 270 million people actively use LinkedIn social media ads to introduce you and your business to the professionals in business life. You can advertise in different areas on the platform, which offers a different targeting and advertising system than Facebook. Homepage, profile, messages, search results and social media ads that can be published on group pages are prepared for your target audience. LinkedIn works with RTB (Real Time Bidding), which has cost-per-click and auction ads.

Sempeak is here to help you increase your visibility on social media and reach your  target customers; through detailed data driven analysis and an experienced team of experts we advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to deliver your ads to the right audience in as effecient way as possible. We manage the process as if we were a part of your company, ensuring your digital marketing strategy is part of a well designed multi-channel marketing strategy tailored to your organisation and website.