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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method designed to attract a potential target audience, arouse customers’ curiosity and give clarity to those engaging with the content regarding the brand.

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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Today, with the technical and intellectual advantages provided by social media on the internet, user-generated content has entered into the practice of life. Awareness has increased and now the consumer is more interested in informative content that creates value for himself/herself rather than empty content; and will therefore follow and be more loyal to the brands that listen to and encourage him. Content marketing comes into play at the point of production of informative, valuable, accurate, up-to-date and continuous content for the topics of interest of the pre-determined target audience. Its purpose is to turn the potential target audience into a revenue-generating customer.

While traditional marketing methods encourage customers to buy products and services, content marketing offers them compelling content that engages with their lives. In short, it provides more than simply saying “come to our shop and buy!”, through engaging content the brand creates emotional connections with customers. The aim of content marketing is to pull customers in, instead of pushing them into action, and in doing so, brands make customers love them, which in essence requires free choice. Content marketing creates brand lovers and builds relationships.

Well, what do these relationships provide for a brand? In a word: Loyalty! Therefore a lot of care should be taken with loyalty campaigns and in the planning of the unique content your brand creates to ensure it is always customer-focused. What this means in short is that all content must build customers relationships through, “relevant”, “engaging” and “personal” content marketing.

Quick Access
  • Your website, blog, or mobile app must be technically robust and provide a good and quality user experience. Correct roadmaps should be created so that users can reach the their desired action quickly. A book dealer wants to be at the top of the list when the word “book” is written to the search engine. All brands want to be the most known, trusted and preferred brand in their field. This is only possible with content marketing. The right content provides the right user experience. The positive user experience brings along a positive reference, leading to more customers choosing the brand.

Proper content marketing should be available. You can produce interesting and quality content that concerns your target audience; however, your content may not be seen by users. In order to be available, your content must be generated by SEO rules. You should achieve the highest availability by constantly monitoring and improving your SEO strategy.

Correct Content
  • Your content should be remarkable, compatible with your brand identity, and capable of meeting the needs of your target audience. Successful content marketing is done with “correct content” and a comprehensive content plan. The content plan should be in a continuously expanding and permanent structure. Ensuring you are not only preferred by customers, but you can also create brand loyalty for them.


The content that is likely or expected to be favoured by the potential target audience may not be appreciated. For content marketing, first of all, target audience analysis should be made to understand the potential users and their needs. In addition, detailed data should be collected by taking into account the situation of competitors and the current market.


Strategy Development

As a result of the data collected, understanding on how to reach the target users (social media, e-newsletter, blog, video, etc.), what content should be produced, brand language etc a comprehensive strategy should be determined. The customer needs should be well identified and understood to ensure the brand reaches the target customer audience for their products and services and not random users.



  • Organic content should be brought together with the user as a result of the research made and developed strategy. Any feedback received should be reported and  updates in the strategy should not be feared or avoided. A brand that implements the right marketing strategy can be the most preferred brand in time with the avalanche effect. Today, thanks to technology, the potential audience can be reached in a much shorter time than ever before and brands have the ability to understand customers more deeply and produce relevant and engaging content for them.
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