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Conversion Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Web analytics and conversion optimization allows you to evaluate the traffic you bring to your site in the most efficient way by directing you to get the actions you want on your site.

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What is Web Analytics?

What is Web Analytics?

You also need to measure everything you think you should do to grow your website.

All businesses are required to monitor the performance of their websites and to follow the most important KPIs for their business models in order to find out whether they are successful and to determine what needs to be done to grow the business. However, in most companies there is a serious lack of awareness on this issue, and an overwhelming majority of websites make their decision based on “their feelings". In order for you to make the right decisions for your website, you need to understand your users and act according to the data. This is where web analytics comes into play.

Web analytics is the complete set of data metrics and analysis to better understand user behaviour on your website or application. The analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Facebook Analytics measures and records user actions and behaviours such as how many visitors come to your website or application, how many times they come back, how many pages they've visited, how long they've stayed, which goals they have achieved.

Sempeak has experience across the full range of analytics software and can meet your requirements in this field, through the reporting and interpreting of analytics data, and in addition enriching the data collected based on its experience in this field.

Analytics Consultancy

Analytics Consultancy

It is a multistage work to draw meaningful conclusions from user behaviour for you. Because most websites lack serious data collection, your ideas about your visitors will always be missing, and your decisions will always be based on this incomplete information.


Therefore Sempeak;

- performs the necessary tests and provides a measurement infrastructure for your website by taking into account the KPIs before the analysis phase.

- conducts the necessary technical implementations from label management to importing timed data to ensure data collection is accurate, 

- ensures you have a grasp of the current situation of your business by providing periodic and ad-hoc reports that will provide the insight you require to answer your questions and help you to achieve your goals,

- helps you to identify this actionable insight by examining the collected data,

- prevents data contamination by controlling the health of the analytical tool implementations,

- helps you with questions such as campaign labeling, segmentation, and any questions relating to Google Analytics.

Conversion Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion optimisation is a set of actions that aim to increase the conversion rates of your business goals via tests and analysis aimed at directing your visitors to take the actions you want.

It is not possible to know in advance how the changes you will make to your website will impact results, or to make untested changes to the website according to our own opinions and feelings. Sempeak creates various test scenarios by analysing the data collected on the website in the conversion optimisation service. These test scenarios are then sequenced according to factors such as potential impact, ease of application and importance. Then, controlled tests are developed and published and the effect of the change is only seen in a way that is free of factors such as traffic source, seasonality and campaign changes. At the end of the test, the results are analysed and the positive results are identified and implemented on a permanent basis on the website.

In each test, there is a possibility that the tested variation may not produce the expected result, but this does not necessarily mean that the study has failed. While analysing the test results, these outputs become important data for subsequent tests and increase the percentage of achieving positive results in subsequent tests.


Data Measurement Infrastructure

Data Measurement Infrastructure: To determine what data will be collected on your website, a document is prepared that converts your goals and KPIs into dimensions and metrics. In this step, a customised web analytics framework is drawn up according to your business model and the necessary implementations of the selected analytics tool are performed to collect the data.

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Analysis and Insights

Analysis and Insights: Then, the collected data is analysed and insight derived from it to support your business decisions, increase your advertising performance, and be used in the development of hypotheses. Quantitative data from the installations can be used, as well as in-site survey and usability tests. The analysis can range from basic e-commerce funnel analysis to form field analysis.

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Test and Hypothesis Development

Test and Hypothesis Development: Potential test scenarios are created for the website by combining the analysis made and additional insight based on experience of our experts. These tests, which we then score according to our test framework, are prioritised and a roadmap is drawn up. In this way, we have a system that can be highly effective, easy to implement, and a future roadmap that can be reshaped according to priority tests.

Tools We Use


Tests: Tests are prepared on optimisation platforms and subjected to a quality control process to ensure that they are working properly under the targeted conditions. Tests are also closely monitored against things that might go wrong during the publication of the test. The basic level tests in the test development stage are made directly by us on the platform. However, this variation is applied to the optimisation platform by working closely with your software team in tests that require more complex development.

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Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis: With or without a test service, reports that are suitable to your business goals, and meet your needs are created as a result of the analysis. The test results are also analysed in detail according to different segments and reported and thus are used as input in subsequent tests.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method that will attract the potential target group of the brand to itself, benefit from arousing interest and eliminate all question marks about the brand.


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