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Elle Shoes Success Story
Elle Shoes Success Story

Sempeak increased the ROAS rate in Elle Shoes' Shopping ads by 379% using Merchant Center Feed rules.

ELLE was founded in 1977 with the mission of bringing the Turkish women together with fashion world. The brand, which started production in a workshop in Istanbul Gedikpaşa, has broken a fresh ground in shoe store with its first ELLE store in Rumeli Street.

Elle Shoes, who wanted to improve the ROAS performance of its’ digital ads, examined the search terms in shopping ads in detail together with its partner Sempeak. At this point, the Sempeak team saw that some of the search terms focused on specific product features. As a result, it configured its Headline, Description, Gender, and Material structures using Google Merchant Center's feed rules tool in accordance with their global search terms.

For example, the Description field, which is one of the most important areas of shopping ads, was updated to create a meaningful sentence structure with important information used by 

users during search such as colour, gender and material. With this update, the ROAS performance of shopping ads has increased remarkably in 2 months. 

The first remarkable result was the increase in the number of impressions the shopping ads received as soon as the changes were made. The number of impressions of Elle Shoes shopping ads increased by 232% a day after this change was made. The cost-per-click of the shopping campaigns decreased by 22.71%, while there was a 39.65% increase in clicks. At the same time, a significant increase of 66.86% in the conversion rate of the shopping campaign was observed. As a result, the main target of the campaign, ROAS rate, increased by 379%.