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Defacto Success Story
Defacto Success Story

For DeFacto, we've leveraged 440% increase in conversion rate using Analytics for re-marketing setup. 

Defacto is a leading brand in the apparel and fashion sector in Turkey, with 319 stores in the domestic sector today and on course to be the second largest company in their sector. In addition it has a growing online present in a further 100 countries.

DeFacto approached Sempeak to help improve its online marketing performance. Our first step was to understand their current activities and performance through detailed analytics review. Through use of analytics we were able to identify valuable audiences for remarketing lists in AdWords and as a result restructure the Google AdWords Display Ads Network campaigns. This led to remarkable results.

We made use of analytics for the remarketing setup and targeted users who performed the most valuable actions online. Through deep understanding of online behaviour we set up specific bid strategies based on particular user groups such as users who clicked the “Add to Cart” button but didn't go to the cart page or who received an error on the checkout page, but didn't go to the conversion page. These audiences lowered the cost-per-acquisition by 70% in Display Ad Network campaigns and increased the conversion rate by 440%.