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Monster Notebook Truview Success Story
Monster Notebook Truview Success Story

Brand Review: We have seen the effects of Sempeak's improvements in our shopping campaigns. The best part of this work is that we can make such a big difference without even asking for a technical arrangement for xml feed development. If you're willing to try new things, it actually shows how much development space you have.

Monster Notebook, which engages in the production of high-performance gaming and business computers, player accessories, rank among the first three places in the list of best-selling performance computers in Turkey. On the one hand, the brand aims to increase the number of stores and reach the users directly, and on the other hand plans to grow in the European market. Monster Notebook wanted to increase its brand awareness and sales with its campaign on YouTube.

Monster Notebook was founded in 2000 with the company Fokus. In 2005, the first Monster Notebook was produced. Its headquarter is in Istanbul and its goals are to improve its brand/product perception. In the approach to increase sales, TrueView in Stream and TrueView for Shopping advertising models were adopted.

The results show a 250% increase in conversion rate, 334% increase in the return on investment, 68% decrease in cost per acquisition, and 28% increase in product searches.

Monster Notebook wanted to increase its product sales. It aimed to direct its visitors to sales by adopting TrueView for Shopping advertising model. The brand who choose Sempeak, as their partner for performance marketing and SEO, in addition to product promotion, aimed to also transform the products that are promoted into e-commerce sales.

The campaign focused on two target groups. The first, the remarketing audience including those who were interested in gaming computers, watched the game videos intensely, visited the Monster Notebook website in the last 30 days, and also those who followed the brand on social media. The second, users searching for terms that might be relevant to the product which was promoted by Monster Notebook TrueView in the last 30 days.

Sempeak conducted an intense TrueView study on YouTube to increase brand awareness. In addition, it used the Shopping feature in TrueView's Stream ads targeting the product review videos tailored to products on Monster Notebook YouTube channel,to increase both recognition of products and conversion rate to sales. In this model, visitors see the purchase link of the product directly in the video ad and can immediate begin sales journey by clicking on this link. As a result of the campaign, a 250% increase in conversion rate and a 334% increase in the return on investment has been achieved; while cost per acquisition decreased by 68%. With this campaign where the brand/product perception is enhanced and the users are ready to buy, the users who watched the product video on YouTube were also directed to the product review link. This led to a positive effect on both the brand awareness and the sales. A 20% increase in product awareness was targeted, while an increase of 28% in the product searches in Google was achieved. 

“Monster Notebook is a brand that is already known by gaming users, however the work we conducted with our agency Sempeak showed us that the products of Monster Notebook are not specifically known.  Thanks to the help of Sempeak we achieved results which exceeded our campaign targets both in terms of conversion rates and product awareness. The successful results we achieved indicate that YouTube will take a significant part in our future marketing strategy.”


- Kayra Keri Küpçü, Corporate Communication Director, Monster Computer Technology Products 

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