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Types of Display Ads
Types of Display Ads

Types of Display Ads

Display Ads

The importance of visual appeal in digital marketing is increasing day by day. Many companies who want to impress their target audience now prefer to launch their promotions through display ads. This is the right choice for the ever-changing and renewed environment of the virtual world, considering the number of internet users who wander through web pages without reading boring and long texts.

Consumers who can choose not to watch ads in traditional mass media sometimes engage with ads in a new media, whether he/she is aware of advertisements or not. Display ads are also a very effective marketing method to capture the awareness of internet users. The first step towards consumption is taken when the internet user meets the image of the product they want to buy on the web page they are visiting. In marketing literature, display ads, supported by display advertising technology as one of the new generation marketing approaches, use all the appeal of visuality. Display advertising is a very effective method used in the promotion of the product or service with different visual techniques such as logo, animation or graphics. In addition, digital marketing has different methods in display advertising depending on technological innovations.


Tap the heart of the target audience with video ads!


Video advertising, which further enhances the appeal of visuality, has a different approach to display ads. This new type of digital advertising enables companies to promote their products or services through video content. The video ads, which are spreading rapidly with social media networks and reaching more users, influence the target audience in a short time with intriguing stories or different visual technologies. Display ads are shared between more and more users every day.


For Real Interaction: Lightbox Ads


Lightbox ads that allow users to interact with ads are another prominent method of digital marketing. In lightbox ads the advertising image responds to the Internet user in a sense, the advertising image is presented in different sizes. Lightbox ads, which are one of the latest technology in display ads, use ads that fill the screen, switch between ad images, or turn into video images.


Point Shot to Target Audience: Natural (Native) Ads


In the digital marketing field, native ads attract attention with the intention of reaching the target audience directly within the display ads. Natural (native) ads that adapt to the content of the web page on which they are published meet the target audience whose habits and needs are known in a shorter time. Users who are interested in research on a topic in the web environment can see the exact product ad related to that topic on the same page. Thus, the target audience finds the product or service that meets its’ expectation in a short time.

Keep Up with the Changing World: Dynamic Remarketing Ads


Depending on the speed of the digital world, dynamic remarketing ads are preferred by users whose interests and needs are constantly changing. When the companies want to use the content they are interested in before for marketing purposes, dynamic remarketing ads come into play. Digital remarketing ads are defined as display ads that re-offer users the products they're interested in to encourage purchasing behaviour by doing so in a time when they're on the Internet and already expressed interest in a product.


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