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Types of Search Network Advertisement
Types of Search Network Advertisement

Types of Search Network Advertisement

Have you ever thought about the benefits of being at the top on Google where millions of searches are made every day? This means dozens of potential customers, depending on the scope of your business. By participating in Google searches, you can dramatically increase your website traffic or product sales. The most effective way to do this is "Search Network Ads". With Search Network Ads, you can directly front the users with the word you will determine. This advertising model is both an efficient and a cost-effective method to reach users who are looking for a product or service from Google. Because the world's largest search engine, Google, will meet a giant pool of customers with the advertisers!

How to Be Search Network Ads Process Management?

The “correct” search terms for the target audience should be determined.

The products and services should be provided to the customer in the best way.

According to the targeted geographical region and target audience, daily budget should be determined and time planning should be made.

After the ads are published, the "right" audience should reach your products.

During the campaign, performance monitoring should be made from AdWords and Analytics data, your campaign should be optimised across the process in terms of keywords, ad groups, and be ensured to reach the most efficient results.

Search Network Ads should be adapted to the current situation in product or service changes or in sectoral differences.

The First Stage of Leadership: Correct Content, Strong Discourse!

 The most important way to achieve a successful result in Search Ads is that your ad is at the top of the page. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to various criteria. The first is to understand how meticulous Google is to show the most relevant result for users' searches. In other words, content and ads that will not benefit users even if they cover the key words, are ignored or even blocked by Google. Another point to note is that the performance of your ad is analysed correctly. Effective keywords and phrases, as well as effective and powerful discourses, make a great contribution to your being chosen by the users who see your ad. You can get ahead of your competitors with all these mass targeting, right budget planning and offers that fit your own customer potential.

Which Models Do Search Network Ads Include?

Search Network Ads are not limited to what appears on the Google search results page only. You can also reach your audience effectively with models such as Dynamic Search Ads, Shopping Ads and Mobile App Ads.

Dynamic Search Ads

In the Dynamic Search Ads model, your site will be scanned by Google bots and your ads will be shown by selecting the keywords that best fit your goals. That is, when a customer searches on your product, Google AdWords generates an ad for your product dynamically. With the Dynamic Search Ads model, your ads are always up-to-date, resulting in a dramatic increase in website traffic and sales, and most importantly, you spend your time on developing your business, not on ads.

Shopping Ads

If you have an e-commerce website, this ad model is the perfect way to promote your product and increase traffic to your website. To use this model, you submit your product data to Google. Then you'll get your place in the Google search results with your name, price, product photo, and website address. When your potential customers search for the product, they will meet your product directly and you will receive the maximum efficiency from your ads. In addition, you increase traffic to your site and pave the way for more sales. Shopping Ad works with the auction method for product groups and categories, does not make any keyword targeting, and include any ad text. It is enough just to specify the product you need to highlight.

Mobile Application Ads

A model that enables you to reach your target audience among Search Ads is Mobile Application Ads. Because smart phones and tablets are now an indispensable part of life, you can access millions of people easily with this model. If your brand has a mobile app, you can redirect users to the download section on Google Play and the Apple App Store with 

mobile app ads. The ad you create for your application will be presented to the users with the options of Search Ads, Display Network, Interstitials, Banner Ads and Google Play download screen in accordance with the template you specify. In this way, you can increase the number of downloads of your application and obtain a wide customer portfolio, promote your brand products or new services to your target audience through this application.

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