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Corporate SEO Consultancy
Corporate SEO Consultancy

Corporate SEO Consultancy

Corporate SEO Consultancy includes technical issues that need to be addressed by a professional SEO agency. The rising significance of SEO and evolving search engine algorithms (Semantic Web edits) have increased the importance of brands requesting support in this space. Having a strong online presence for all companies of small, medium and large scale is very important in terms of creating awareness (brand retention, brand awareness) and maintaining or even improving commercial performance. The amateur efforts for SEO has lost its value in the Semantic Web age and has lead to increased need for professional SEO services. These SEO services include analysis, content optimsation, technical improvements and both intrasite and non-site SEO improvements to be addressed within a holistic approach.

SEO from the past to today…

SEO improvements began with amateur-spirited activities conducted with the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. In the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) era, it is special field of expertise that contains technical issues which need to addressed by professional SEO practioners. SEO activities today have become extremely comprehensive with evolving Google algorithms, and is a long way away from just thinking about keywords. Corporate SEO Consultants, who undertake this work must be qualified, experienced and develop long term plans.

What is Enterprise SEO Consulting?

It is the consultancy service that represents the face of the company and brands on the internet. It is the person or company that is selected to regulate, create, and correct the mistakes of all data contained in the search engines related to the brand or company. To increase brand awareness and sales, the goal of corporate SEO consultants is to ensure the website is on the top page in search engines.

What does corporate SEO services include ?

Corporate SEO Service (consultancy) includes two main technical SEO services:

-Intra-site SEO service

-Off-site SEO service

Intra-site SEO service:

Within the scope of the intra-site SEO service, the entire technical infrastructure of the corporate company's website is examined.

The current location in the search engines is determined.

Improvements required to ensure SEO-compliant infrastructure are determined.

Link map of the site is prepared.

Incorrect, corrupted or repetitive pages are checked and corrected.

URLs are organised and all categories, titles and labels are edited.

The corporate SEO service also includes a number of statistical studies, such as competitor analysis. 

The determination of SEO-oriented content and visuals that need to be created after analysis within the scope of intra-site SEO service is also handled within the scope of corporate SEO strategy.