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E-Commerce SEO
E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

The volume of e-commerce sites and the commercial value they have is growing everyday. Already competition is high and therefore to ensure your website is discovered ahead of your competitors it is paramount for new entrants to focus on SEO.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) must be carried out in accordance with the strategies of your brand and with the support of an expert. In addition it should not be forgotten that whilst e-commerce focused SEO activities will result in short term benefits, long term effort is required to achieve optimal results.

Prioritisation in e-commerce SEO activities:

E-commerce SEO activities should be evaluated in two main aspects from a technical point of view; the first phase covers the infrastructure of the existing e-commerce website and the analysis of its present value in terms of search engines. In the second stage, the preparation of the SEO improvements for the site should be planned and delivered in a timely and patient manner.

E-commerce SEO Studies Phase 1: Analysis and Evaluation 

An accurate and realistic analysis of the current e-commerce website is required before any work is carried out. In this analysis; e-commerce in terms of SEO and the suitability of the website's infrastructure should be checked (including infrastructure, page structures, labels and titles of text and visuals, sharing tools, etc.)


The value of the current site in terms of search engines should be measured and determined, including competitor analysis and the examination of SEO performance of their competitors. The categories, titles, products, and services that the e-commerce site wants to stand out in must also be determined. When such work is completed, SEO activities for the e-commerce website can be developed into a roadmap. After all the necessary analysis, both intra-site SEO and non-site SEO improvements can be accelerated.

Content Optimisation for E-Commerce Websites

After all the infrastructure and technical activities for the e-commerce website have been completed, the necessary work related to the content can begin. Titles of all pages, heading tags, meta description, URL, identifying product descriptions, names and tags of images should be fully regulated by SEO techniques.

Information about the product or service should be prepared by professional SEO copywriters in accordance with the keywords specified in all studies. If existing content is to 

be developed, this should also be done by professionals in a similar way. In content optimisation, the text must be prepared in a user-oriented manner and qualified accurate text should be created. Images should also be shared with the original and labeled format of the products or services. If you want to have all of your e-commerce SEO activities created by professionals and experts in your field, Sempeak are ready to support you! Sempeak is a global Google premium partner agency and it will always be by your side bringing innovative solutions to the ever-changing Google parameters and rules.