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Local SEO

The unceasing development of technology has compelled businesses to change, no longer a centrally located shop with a wide range of products in it are enough to grow your business. With the rise of e-commerce in this new ‘digital world’, brands can virtually reach millions of potential customers. If you want your brand to be part of this change and get a share of this large lucrative market you need to respond and go through the necessary digital transformation. So how do you achieve this? The magic trick word for you is…’SEO’. 

SEO is the most efficient and affordable way to introduce your business to millions of potential customers in the virtual world. SEO is the abbreviation for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and in simple terms it helps you bring your brand's website and products to the top of Google searches made by millions of people every year. With all search engines like Google, it's possible to increase your sales by finding the right keywords that relate to your brand and products, and produce relevant content for them. If you are a local business and want to increase your awareness in your own area, the way is through 'local SEO’.

Local SEO as the name suggests is the optimisation work that is carried out in order to get higher rankings in regional searches on search engines. Although local SEO is similar to the overall SEO work, it includes some differences. The most important of these differences is targeting by location. It is imperative that you analyse the neighbourhood or cities where your potential customers are located while performing this work. The rapid change of results in 

regional searches made by users reveals how rigorous the work on local SEO should be. For example let's imagine a user who wants to have his house painted. There may be a number of potential companies in the local area of the person making a search on this subject. At this point, the brand that transfers the most satisfying and up to date information related to the service given to the search engine through successful local SEO work will end up at the top of the search results and most likely be selected by the customer.

What should be done to get to the top with local SEO?

After completing the analysis of location and potential target customer base in your local area, the most important issue that you need to consider is the Google Business profile you create, your profile is crucial in how you are viewed and the following should be considered:

  • Write brand promotional content that contains the right keywords.
  • Identify the categories of your business meticulously.
  • Select photos and creative content in high definition that best describes your business.
  • Complete all contact information, including phone number, physical address, mobile number and any social profiles.
  • Pay attention to your customers 'comments and ratings', and encourage them to get a return in that direction after each service. 

Another important topic in the area of local SEO is the content of your website. As mentioned this includes ensuring all contact information is complete as well creating content with the right keywords for your brand's products or services. When creating content for local SEO it is very important that you include the following: 

  • In the title include keyword on your page about your city or region.
  • Write a word for your location in the H1 tags.
  • If possible, choose a relevant word for your location in your website address.(Example:
  • Make sure to include keywords related to your region.
  • Remember to type regional keywords in the tags of photos you use on your site.
  • Create location data with Google maps service to help your business be found by potential customers.
  • Pay attention to the backlink factor in your local SEO work.
    • With the backlinks you get from websites that provide high traffic, you can increase your Google score and easily climb to the top of search results.
  • For the products or services that you provide, it is very important for local SEO to have customer feedback on your profile. The positive feedback you get from social media channels such as Facebook, not just via Google My business, contributes to your SEO rating and increases your prestige according to your competitors.

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