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Yataş Bedding Success Story
Yataş Bedding Success Story

About Yataş Bedding

Yataş Bedding is a brand focused on improving your "sleep health" and "bedroom decoration", where products such as bed, plinth, title, pillow, quilt, colourful home textiles are sold together.


When Yataş Bedding launched their new corporate website to achieve top positions in search results, they ensured they used the correct SERP URLS, increased visibility of SEO against competitors and optimisation of organic traffic.


45% growth in sourcing organic traffic through Google


More than 145% growth in organic traffic through Google

About Arnica

Arnica, began in 2001 as a brand of the renowned Turkish architect of SENUR A.Ş.  who started with the mission of designing and producing functional, quality, practical and innovative products for consumers, is one of the leaders of the small electrical appliances sector in Turkey.


Increasing site traffic by ensuring that the Arnica e-commerce website, launched in January 2016, is ranked first in 3 search results on Google's own product groups, making it easy to access important categories with the right SERP URLS.


More than 145% growth in Google's organic traffic

In 2018, 37% growth in the organic sourced traffic compared to 2017

In 2017, 77% growth in the organic sourced traffic compared to 2016